Frances Trelease

Public Speaker, Workshop Trainer and Facilitator

Fran is an accomplished trainer, podcast host, college lecturer and public speaker. Stemming from her early days as a journalist, she takes pride in involving her audiences, both large and small. She believes that an effective keynote speech opens the door to peoples’ own insights and “aha” moments. She brings humor and sincerity to applied knowledge to deliver messages that stick.    

Her published articles, on display on the Trelease Communications website, chronicle news and trends in business, health, law and government. 

Fran speaks on topics including business writing, oral presentation, leadership, team dynamics and positivity in the workforce. She believes that streamlined, effective communication enables a more effective workday. To her, a job well done is calling out communication barriers that plague us, and knocking them down.

She speaks to colleges, universities, state workers and corporate groups; she is an Adjunct Instructor for Housatonic Community College and Post University. She also hosts educational podcasts for LearnFormula, interviewing experts on topics relevant to the fields of law, engineering and accounting.

Fran holds an MBA from the University of Connecticut. She is married with a son, daughter and two rescue dogs, and lives in Connecticut. Fran has appeared on Fox61 television.

NL Langley, Bridgeport CT

October, 2023

Frances, you lead and instructed such an AMAZING workshop!!! I think we all showed up for one thing and walked out of that room with that and so much more. It’s that level of authenticity that created the magic!

What do they call it when there’s healing being served by the slice and it’s free of charge for the taking?! I call it priceless. THANK YOU! This class reminded us all that we are ENOUGH!!!

J. Habertz, Southington, CT

May, 2023

I just wanted to say thanks for a wonderful two-day workshop for me and the other state employees. Hopefully I will see you again next year.


I hope you enjoyed us as much as we enjoyed you!

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