Empowering Growth Through Interactive Workshops:

Fran Trelease speaking at a workshop, standing confidently in front of a podium.

Discover Fran’s Workshop Facilitator Services. Unlock the Potential; Ignite the Change.

Fran began her career by helping midlife professionals explore new avenues of career growth. Through her start-up business, Boomer Den LLC, she guided scores of professionals ages 40+ through self-discovery exercises. They looked both inwardly and outwardly at ways to stay relevant and focused not only in their current job, but in future career choices.

Today, she proudly considers her workshop “Reengage as a Midlife or Senior Career Professional” as her signature talk. But there’s so much more.

Staying Positive in the Workplace? She offers that. How to De-escalate Office Conflict? She offers that too. And she’ll guide you through the latest DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) initiatives, along with tips on how the four generations working side by side can communicate with greater efficiency.

Fran Trelease has been holding training classes for several years, and she’s renowned for delivering dynamic and impactful workshops. With a wealth of experience and expertise in her field, she brings her A game to every workshop she leads. And the best of all? People have fun. They laugh while they learn.

Say goodbye to dull and unproductive workshops. Everyone's voice is heard and valued. She’ll make sure of that! She believes that attendees learn as much from each other’s insights as from the facilitator. So, her interactive and engaging exercises include hands-on activities, group discussions, and thought-provoking exercises. And each one is tailored to a client’s goals, challenges and desired outcomes.

Time to get away from abstract theory, and start applying real-world strategies and practical action steps that can be used from day one. Call Fran if you’re looking for a facilitator who helps people break through barriers and embrace personal growth. Book Fran Trelease Today!

Training Session Content

How to thrive in a multi-generational workforce, from Boomers to Alphas?

What is DEI and what are ways to incorporate it in hiring practices?

A group of business people attending a presentation during a workshops.
Barriers to Effective Listening – building blocks to active listening
A woman participating in a writing workshop and diligently jotting down notes in her notebook at her desk.
Effective business writing as a way to streamline the workday
A smiling man in a blue suit and white shirt attending workshops.
Reengage with Your Career as a Midlife or Senior Professional
A woman is leading a workshop, presenting to a group of people.
Public Speaking Skills and oral presentations
A group of business people posing for a photo during a workshop in an office.
Staying Positive at Work – how to do it and avoid burn-out
A group of people participating in workshops, sitting around a table in a conference room.
Team / Group engagement and etiquette - best communication practices
Two wicker chairs in front of a cozy fireplace.
Fireside Chats

Top 5 Tips to Build a Persuasive Argument At Work

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